About Touch Events

Our mission is to create festival experiences so immersive and lucid that attendees from all over the world can escape to them. Touch Events will achieve its mission by focusing on the customer experience and event production while balancing the desire for attendees to enjoy live music, party, and learn from the best dancers in the world. We currently produce events in the U.S. and Dominican Republic.

Touch Events is a joint venture of the world's largest Latin Dance Brand and Florida's promotional companies, Island Touch and Dynasty Events. With over 15 years of combined event planning and production experience, these companies have produced over 30 live music concerts, 10 music and dance festivals, and countless night parties. They continue to exceed the standards in providing new and innovative concepts to events and nightclubs alike.

Touch Team

Rudi Lopez
Executive Director
Juan Nuñez
Production & Marketing Director
David Bermudez
Design Director
Jorge Burgos
Stage Director
Tanja Kensinger
Camp Director
Bianca Derival
Executive Assistant
Elizabeth Perez
Touch Team & Dance Team Dir.
Kris Aviles
University Director
Marcos Ramos-Garcia
Business Development Director
Michael Mabborang
Media Director
Maria Ivanova
Kizomba Director

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